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Here at XR, we put a lot of effort into ensuring  tender and great tasting beef. A well managed feeding program, reliable slaughter and butcher procedures (minimum of 14 day aged meat), help guarantee this quality. With Mongolian cattle, we strive to provide the best ‘in country’ grown beef for your table. At present we provide an assortment of frozen cuts. 
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Ground Beef Quality meet is ground to help meet the basic needs of a home, whether large or small.  We also provide ground beef patties all year round; for a summer BBQ or winter treat.
Tender Cuts You won’t regret treating yourself to one of our T-Bone, Ribeye, Sirloin steaks!  Our tenderloin/filet cut is also one of our best sellers. 
Family Cuts We also offer some home cooking; roast (shoulder, round, silver-side, rump), and flank steak that is a more economical choice of steak with great tenderness.
Delivery Information We make individual deliveries within UlanBator.  We charge 20,000 MNT for orders under 500,000 MNT